Quick Guide to Machine Sewing

  • Always make sure you have the right needle in your machine for the task in hand, or you end up breaking loads of needles, trashing the fabric or damaging your machine!
  • Change your machine needle every time you start a new project.
  • Don’t steady fabric from behind on the machine as it will make it go wonky. Carefully steer it from the front to keep the line straight.
  • Hold the threads to the right when starting to sew on a machine – this stops the bobbin thread from bunching or catching.
  • Keep your sewing machine manual (or any other reference book you use) near to where you sew.
  • Buy lots of spare bobbins and wind two at a time when you’re working on a large proejct to avoid breaking off sewing to wind another bobbin.
  • When trying to thread your needle on a sewing machine, place a piee of white paper under the sewing machine foot as this helps to see the eye of the needle more easily.
  • Sewing on ribbon with zigzag stitch is labour saving and looks pretty too, especially if you sew it in a contrasting or complementary colour.
  • When turning a corner on the machine, make sure you keep the needle down into the fabric to keep the corners tight.
  • Don’t buy cheap needles for your machine as they are finished poorly, have sharp edges and break your thread while you are sewing.
  • Always make sure you have plenty of spare machine needles. Nothing is worse the a needle breaking during a project and having to stop while you have to go and buy more.

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